At Scomed it is our mission...

...to provide outstanding service. What does it mean to offer outstanding service? To us, it means that we won't rest until we are certain that the treatment plan you have outlined for your patient is in place. From the moment we receive your order to fitting and delivery of equipment, through the compliance, and follow-up processes, we are here to help you achieve the goals you have set forth for your patient's well-being.

For over thirty years, many healthcare profesionals continue to rely on Scomed for our knowledge and expertise of medical equipment, icluding othopedic braces, therapy products, and more to help them get their patients on the road to better health.

So, where does Scomed fit into your big picture?

Helping physicians is not just a job for us. Rather, it is a purpose which inspires the team at Scomed to go above and beyond every day. We feel that we are an extension of your practice. Knowing that we have a hand in helping your patient brings us peace-of-mind and a great deal of satisfaction. Because we handle the gruntwork, your practice can fit more time in for patients.